Thames River Walk – Week of Nov. 6th to Nov. 10th

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Thames River Walk photos for weekly post of November 6th to November 10th by Author Scot Fin. Full size slideshow at the bottom of this post.

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Thames River Walk,  November 6th

From Thames River Walk - Week of Nov. 6th to Nov. 10th
London Embankment Place


I think I’m going to put on my travel hat and go for a walk down the River Thames. I’m going to walk because it looks like I’m going to miss my train from Charring Cross. So close but yet so far because between the Golden Jubilee Bridges runs all the train tracks over the Thames. At least from the Golden Jubilee Bridge I’m on, I got a good view of the station and its more modern office building part, Embankment Place.


Thames River Walk,  November 7th

From Thames River Walk - Week of Nov. 6th to Nov. 10th
London Jubilee Oracle Big Ben


Continuing along River Thames, it looks like someone decided to add some clock tower into the Jubilee Oracle. Good idea. You always want to know what time it is while walking along the Thames in order to beat the London Eye crowds. Where else could you look for the time. It’s not like there’s any other famous clock towers around.

Thames River Walk,  November 8th

From Thames River Walk - Week of Nov. 6th to Nov. 10th
London street art


While strolling along The Queen’s Walk (it’s okay, she wasn’t using it herself at the time), I momentarily forgot what city I was in. Good thing London has these reminders. I’d say you can’t really miss them. I was going to add a Canadian flag heart but my artistic talent, or lack thereof, suggested otherwise.


Thames River Walk,  November 9th

From Thames River Walk - Week of Nov. 6th to Nov. 10th
London construction cranes



Looking inland from the Thames, I noticed another one of London’s famous landmarks. This one, despite the fact I can’t remember the name, is so famous it is being duplicated in so many areas of London. You can’t go far without seeing similar structures. It, however, is good to see London building and progressing. In addition, occasionally, there might be some structural visual interest as well. At least there was for me here behind Jubilee Gardens, which is a nice little green space near the London Eye.


Thames River Walk,  November 10th

From Thames River Walk - Week of Nov. 6th to Nov. 10th
London Tower Bridge



I tried to show some of the ‘well-known’ sites along River Thames and noticed I didn’t show the river at all. Well here is part of the river but it’s hard to get a picture without some bridge in it as well. Turns out this one is called the Tower Bridge and it dates back to 1894. It operates as a suspension draw bridge, but, in case you happen to be sailing your ship down the Thames and you need the height, you need to give 24 hours’ notice. Just thought you’d like to know because that’s always been a problem for me.


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