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‘Switzerland beautiful Switzerland’ is what I was able to say every morning for a year.  I had the opportunity to live there, in Lausanne, Switzerland, for that year.  Living there, however, means you don’t take enough pictures. I think that might be common for a resident but too much of a missed opportunity for me. Therefore I don’t have enough of the natural beauty that is Switzerland but as I come across what I have, I will try to post.

Lausanne is in the French, western part of Switzerland.  It is on Lake Geneva. Since I was a resident I should correct that and say it is on Lac Léman. Across Lac Léman to the south is France and the French Alps. Geneva is to the west. Needless to say, this provide me a wonderful writing environment. I tried to take advantage of that, but like I mentioned, picture wise, not so much.

This is what I’ve come across so far:



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Switzerland Beautiful Switzerland Featured Image


Switzerland Beautiful Switzerland
Lake Geneva swans