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The St. Germain en Laye gallery is possible because I had the opportunity to live in this Paris banlieue for over two years.  This part of Île-de-France is now an automatic visit for every trip we take to Paris.  West of Paris in the département of Yvelines, I feel St Germain en Laye is one of the best places to live. For tourists, it is a bit off the beaten track but it does see its fair share.  As the west terminus for one of the RER A lines, I think it is worth the visit. From the Château de Saint Germain en Laye (pre Château de Versailles but also a royal palace) overlooking the Seine, pedestrian street shopping, the market and excellent dining, it is almost a mini Paris.



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St Germain en Laye market bag
St Germain en Laye market bag