Revealing Miss E. Laineous

Scot Fin’s photography

Revealing Miss E. Laineous or miscellaneous photography revealed by Scot Fin:

Beyond writing, I also enjoy revealing my photography. I have a number of other pages with specific travel area images, places that I have lived in or traveled to more frequently. This page includes other photography classifications.  There are general images or travel destinations that don’t have their own page or that I have not blogged about.

Reavealing Quotes:

Well, really revealing Scot Fin because those quotes that makes an impact on  a person, I think, reveals some of the character of that person. Out of all the words written or spoken, there are small groups of  those words that become noteworthy.  These become the quotes that really stand the test of time.  Here are some that have made an impression on me:

And then I looked up;

Revealing the Sky:

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General and other travel photography;

And Miss E. Laineous was revealed:

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Featured Photograph for Revealing Miss E. Laineous

I got a little obsessed with the window ice crystals backdrop. Delayed my workout, put my pre-workout smoothie down with my coffee and did the ice crystal, books, two coffees (regular & coffee smoothie) thing … if that’s a thing.

From Revealing Miss E. Laineous
Ice Crystals and reading