Paris Gallery by Scot Fin, A Writer’s view of Paris

My Paris Gallery

Paris Gallery by Scot Fin is a product of many travels to Paris as well as the benefit of having lived in the Île-de-France banlieue of St. Germain en Laye, a quick RER ride from Paris, for over 2 years.

While the well known Paris sites are still irresistible to  include in a Paris gallery, I also hope to wonder through my stock and find some lesser known ones or some pictures that represent life in Paris. I may be inclined to add some writer related ones as well. Paris is the location for artists and writers and writer inspired pictures are easily an important part of my Paris Gallery.




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Featured Paris Gallery image


If I was ever going to do a tour group in Paris, it would be The Parisianer’s version.

From the Paris Gallery
Notre Dame tour group