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Scot Fin’s Maui

From Maui Time through a Writer's Pictures
Maui Marathon

Can anyone see my wife?

She’s running and I’m taking pictures. This is probably a good time to start this 10 kilometer event of the Marathon as it is before the heat of the day.


From Maui Time through a Writer's Pictures
Maui Marathon

What to do in Maui?

My wife’s choice versus my choice. She won her age group in the 10 kilometer on her first run in heat and humidity while I, well, enjoyed my beer and book.


From Maui Time through a Writer's Pictures
Maui waterfall

Turns out there are a few waterfalls in Hawaii. Sometimes they may not be completely natural. Hmm? I’m thinking it may be hotels were just built around them or something?

From Maui Time through a Writer's Pictures
Wine and Book in Maui

Well, at least the wine wasn’t in a can as we did find canned wine options. My wife has a pretty good grip on it as it did serve the purpose for a decent glass while reading on the balcony. Then again, reading with this ocean view was the key.

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Relaxing reading.

If you twist my arm, this might not be too bad a reading spot. Actually the book was my wife’s read and I’m told it was pretty good.

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Coffee plants

Needed Monday morning coffee but I didn’t know it was going to be so much work. Well work for the people at the Maui Tropical Plantation I suppose.

From Revealing Miss E. Laineous
Hawaii beach lounging

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
A quote by Augustine of Hippo which works for me and sometimes we find not too bad a place to read a book or three or perhaps do some writing.


We didn’t go to Hawaii for the wine. Turns out this wasn’t a bad one to enjoy with dinner, but then it does come from California. Sounded appropriate for Hawaii though.


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