Cemetery quotes – Week of Oct. 29th to Nov. 2nd

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Cemetery quotes photo-blog images for weekly post of October 29th to November 2nd by Author Scot Fin.

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Cemetery quotes image, October 29th



What is this, the end of October already. For some reason cemeteries came to mind, but I am trying not to stub my toe on the gravestones while reading a book and listening to Emile Zola.

Cemetery quotes image, October 30th



Another cimetiere, another place. Not to worry though, Paris is very much alive. If, however, you’re looking for a quiet place to read ‘Paris’ in Paris, Cimetiere Montparnasse might be the place. Or you can discuss literature with Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. But don’t write on the sidewalks like that Henry guy did although he does seem pretty into himself with that “reign over” bit.


Cemetery quotes image, October 31st



I don’t know. I was in one and I had a problem finding the emperor’s tomb. Think I need a little help from Steve Berry.


Cemetery quotes image, November 1st



Sorry Simone but we only had Jean-Paul’s book with us. But I do get what you’re telling us.


Cemetery quotes image, November 2nd

grave yard


I started the week with summer cemetery, then a fall one but Mr. Stevenson doesn’t know our Canadian winters. I understand the concept but, with winter approaching, I think, with any fit of the blues, I’ll still hold off until spring to follow his suggestion.


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An experienced and knowledgeable astral adversary, however, transformed this simple investigation. Unlike this adversary, Chong, Ralph was essentially a novice in other dimensions. Now, beyond the investigation, Ralph was involved in a paranormal struggle


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