Book images – Week of Nov. 20th to Nov. 24th

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Book images from Paris and London for weekly post of November 20th to November 24th by Author Scot Fin.

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Book images,  November 20th

Book images - Week of Nov. 20th to Nov. 24th

I finished last week visiting a Saint Germain en Laye cat so I thought I’d start this week moving along to centre-ville and the market. The Saint Germain market, I think, is one of the best but somehow I ended up at the book stall. Maybe it was because it reminded me of how I have my books arranged. At any rate, if you desire visiting a French market, you’d be hard pressed to find a better one. Just the RER A with the Saint Germain en Laye terminus from Paris on, as per the Saint Germain website, Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays from 8:30am to 1pm.” I used the website because I can never remember the weekdays. For me, however, the Sunday market is the best.


Book images,  November 21st

Book images - Week of Nov. 20th to Nov. 24th

Well, I did enjoy browsing the book stall at the Saint Germain en Laye market but those were all French books so, with my limited French capabilities, I went on a quest for English books. I think I found some. There seems to be a clue here. From the quintessential French market to the quintessential French covered passage at Galerie Vivienne, I ended up at Librairie Jousseaume. A few English books, a lot of Parisian charm. Really, though, it’s that book cart I want.


Book images,  November 22nd

Book images - Week of Nov. 20th to Nov. 24th

I couldn’t leave Galerie Vivienne without taking this picture. Who knows how many years this window display off Rue Vivienne has been here, but, for quite a few years now, I could never pass up taking this shot from various angles. Just can’t resist stacks of books and flying pink pigs.


Book images,  November 23rd

Book images - Week of Nov. 20th to Nov. 24th

More stacks of books in Paris; this time English ones. And where does one find many stacks of English books in Paris? Well, these would be at The Abbey Bookshop. I may have mentioned before, but I will again because I’m Canadian and this store was established by a Canadian. It is a short distance from some other, I hear, well known English bookstore, something called Shakespeare and Company. The Abbey Bookshop is at 29 Rue de la Parcheminerie.


Book images,  November 24th

Book images - Week of Nov. 20th to Nov. 24th

I had to take a quick trip across, well under, the English Channel to get a stack of really old books image. And, with the Eurostar, it actually is a quick trip between London and Paris. I knew I could count on Hatchards of London since it is a really old bookstore, as in established in 1797. I’m not sure if this particular stack of books was part of the window display back then.


Scot Fin’s images

Astral Projection Novel: Ralph and the Girl From Mayfair Towers

Scot Fin novel is an astral adventure.

Ralph is a traveler. He has his own plane … or so he thought.

Astral traveler Ralph didn’t really think about whether the astral plane was his own until the girl from Mayfair Towers approached him with her mystery. He told me his story. Ralph explained that he thought this would be a simple investigation, perhaps impressing the lovely girl from Mayfair Towers, by using his secret mystic gift.

An experienced and knowledgeable astral adversary, however, transformed this simple investigation. Unlike this adversary, Chong, Ralph was essentially a novice in other dimensions. Now, beyond the investigation, Ralph was involved in a paranormal struggle


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