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Recipe for a Scot Fin

Mix a writer, reader, blogger, throw in some travel with a bit of healthy living through workout and nutrition, shake (not too vigorously, I am getting older) and you have a Scot Fin. But be prepared for some Scot Fin’s ramblings via my pages, photographs and blogs.

From Scot Fin
Ralph and the Girl From Mayfair Towers

Why Scot Fin’s Ramblings exists

This website exists to provide some insight to the character (me) that created the character, Ralph, from Ralph and the Girl From Mayfair Towers.  The result is Scot Fin’s Ramblings + Books, Blogs and Images. Here you will find a bit about me. There are some blogs on travel and writing. I, however, give no guarantees that I might not ‘ramble’ on about other things. In addition, I have also included some photography pages that help define who I am.

While I gave Ralph a mystic gift (he is ‘travelling’ on the book cover near a female character), my style, in a non-mystic way, should come across in the following pages.  In an attempt to delve into the social media world, my style may also come across in PinterestTwitter and now Instagram.  Further, as I like to describe Ralph as a good natured character, please enjoy this site with the understanding that my intent is to provide a good natured site.

Scot Fin
Pandemic hair or 70’s hair (not 70’s; for some reason, new colour and still not long enough).


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photo-blog image – Gertrude Stein quotes


Stein quote

So I piled up many sequences of words, otherwise known as books (with one eBook that might be a bit special to me), that provided me much pleasure whether that pleasure came from reading those words or writing those words.



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